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sandy beach

Things to Do


Our beaches are beautiful, but you must use caution. They are considered highways and the speed limit is 25 MPH. Always be aware of traffic and please don’t drive on the dunes or clam beds.
There are dangerous rip currents and cold water temperatures and you must also be mindful of the tides. Too many cars become swamped and buried but more importantly, every life lost in the water is a tragedy. Be informed and safe.
Follow this LINK to daily tide charts or pick up a free tide book at our office.
Learn to recognize rip currents and how to swim out of them…better still, don’t swim in the ocean off our beaches.

4th of July Photos flyer

Blooms & Birds of Ocean Park Area Villages

This is the time of year when new growth and beautiful blooms are busting out everywhere…birds abound…in the air, on branches and on the ground…wildlife is moving babies are born. Take a drive through the north end to enjoy the wonder of spring. Please be mindful of wildlife and private property as you wander…

It’s Daffodil Time ~ Ocean Park, Nahcotta, Oysterville, Surfside & Klipsan Beach is blooming!

Here is a video of past and present daffodil bloom spots on the north end! Once more, thank you Village Club for the muscle and dedication to plant over 10,000 bulbs so far 🙂