Peninsula Wild Care

A small wildlife rescue and rehab non-profit 501(c)3 organization in SW Washington. PWC rescues injured, sick or orphaned small mammals providing veterinarian care as needed while focusing on our mission of rehabbing and releasing them back into the wild. Due to our current location, we are unable to rehabilitate other species. We are looking for a permanent home of 3 to 5 acres in south Pacific County, so that we can assist all species.

All our funding comes from folks like you as well as grants as they become available. All donations are used directly in the care of our patients and running of our facility.
For an idea of what the center needs, check out their Amazon Wish List!


Reva Lipe
Mailing/Donation Address Only ~ the center is not ready for public visits
30615 Stackpole Lane
Ocean Park, Washington 98640
(360) 947-3188

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