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Etched Dreams

Business Information

Etched Dreams was started in 2012 as a hobby for the long winter months on a horse farm when there was not much to do during the short days and long nights.

We started by just making a couple of wine glasses and beer glasses and listing them on Etsy. Not knowing a lot about a online market place we spent the next year improving our glass etching and learning more about selling on Etsy.

After 1 1/2 years we started selling a lot more glass. It was starting to get a little past just a hobby. It was time to make that decision, Was it a hobby or going to be a full time job?. Well it’s our full time job. We work very hard every day and night to make and fill every order for our customers. We may work more hours everyday then a regular job but there is no replacing the enjoyment we get from every order we fill.

Because we started on the farm in a small barn, we were running out of room fast. So we decided to start looking for a larger place to do work. So in September of 2014 we found a nice large building in the small town of Odessa, Washington. And in late December of 2014 purchased the building and moved the company into the building full time in July of 2015.

It is only because of our great customers that we have been able to grow and continue to run Etched Dreams as a full time business.

Contact Information

24302 Y Ln.
Ocean Park, WA 98640

On-Line Information

Website: etchddreams.etsy.com