Beach Home Old & New & Daisy Cottage

Nothing goes together better than the beach and a book! Low priced beach reading (both hardback and paperback), specialty tomes, 1st editions and cookbooks from the area fill Booth #13. Coming this spring, a Top Shelf Bookcase, filled with extra special collectible books.  A bibliophileโ€™s dreamโ€ฆnestled inside an eclectic antiques and collectibles mall in the village of Ocean Park!  

In 2024, Beach Home is expanding to include a pop up shop just down the road!  Daisy Cottage will feature treasures, photography, reimagined items and a first look at books heading to Booth #13’s Top Shelf Bookcase.  Hours are variedโ€ฆLike our Facebook page (link below) to make sure you see the OPEN  announcements.  

Have suitcase, will travel for books


Beach Home Old & Newย 
Mon – Sat 10 am to 4 pm
Booth #13 at Forgotten Treasures Antiques & Collectibles Mall
1904 Bay Ave Ocean Park, WA 98640

Daisy Cottage
Pop Up Shop ~ hours vary
2311 Bay Ave Ocean Park, WA 98640


Bonnie Lou Cozby
(360) 270-0298

Visit Online at…