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Advertising Options

Please note…this information is being updated…

The Ocean Park Area Chamber has designed the majority of its advertising efforts to direct people to our website where they may find a plethora of information about our members, our events and county wide tourism information. This is why it is extremely important that members check their individual pages to make sure all content is correct, all contacts are correct and all images updated and of top quality.
We are doing a series of print and digital ads featuring a strong brand image with slightly varying content. Here is an example of what ran in the 2021 Our Coast publication. This print ad, as well as the Chinook Observer ad below it, have digital presence (live links) on the publication’s web pages too.

our coast ad 2021
CO classified ad clipped


The following list includes publications we have run ads in over the years. Since the pandemic, some have not resumed normal operations. In our new advertising plan, we have eliminated those with less success and higher cost. We will be doing less handouts as well, but will continue to offer free Tide Table booklets to the public and glossy OPWA ~ a step away from the crowds ~ postcards.
Hello digital media world!
Additionally, we have occasional classified ads running in the Chinook Observer (see above) in the event section and event specified display advertisements. All ads are geared to bring people to our website and to you, our wonderful members.
Those with * at the end happened in 2021. Those ending with ? are under consideration.

  1. Washington Festivals & Events 2019 Calendar Magazine โ€“ Events industry covers all 10 regions of WA State *
  2. Our Coast Magazine *
  3. Travelerโ€™s Companion – The Definitive Guide to SW Washington *
  4. The Discovery Coast Washingtonโ€™s Long Beach Peninsula *? Did not publish in 2021
  5. Chinook Observer Events Calendar *
  6. Coast Weekend Events Calendar*


We are also upping our marketing of the area by writing more press releases and sending them to more outlying target areas. We will continue to send them locally as well. These releases cover businesses, events, activities and…well the topics are almost limitless!
This is another area members can help.
Are you bringing a significant change to your business, is there a brand new service or type of merchandise coming onboard, are you in a local organization that is producing an event? Do you know a lot about birds or cleaning clams or packing picnics? How about local history or our local artists? Anything that creates interest in our area, our members and our community is appropriate.
The good news is….drumroll…if you are a member, you don’t have to write it! Have all the information; names, dates, times, location, fees and photos if possible (but we can help there too) and contact the office at least one (1) month prior to the event. The release will go out under the OPACC banner but the info will be all about you.

Our other big punch in marketing is our Facebook page and our new Instagram account. Traffic is tremendous and our office administrator and media specialist are diligent in finding and posting current information. Members may send a flyer to the office (jpg format please) and we will be happy to share it!
Office email: opchamber@opwa.com


OPACC has relationships with many surrounding chambers, tourism organizations, merchant organizations, agencies and local media. We share their information and they share ours. We are always looking to expand this aspect of partnering. It is good to have friends ๐Ÿ™‚