Ocean Park Old Fashioned 4th of July Parade

After several years on hiatus, we are happy to announce the return of the Ocean Park Old-Fashioned 4th of July Parade!

Taking place on Thursday, July 4th we will start the parade at 1:00pm. Staging begins at 11:00am at the Moose Lodge on U Street. The route proceeds westbound on Bay Avenue from U Street, south on Pacific and then east on 256th.  It’s approx. 1.09 miles long and the community can enjoy the parade from curbside along the route as well as the entire Sheldon Field area.

Our theme this year is “Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow – Creating Memories for a Lifetime” and we have plenty of sponsorship & donation opportunities to help raise funds for our event.  As a non-profit, OPACC is happy to host the parade and we appreciate the help, both financially and with volunteers.  If you’d like to contribute, please see the donations below on this website.

We will have activities for the kiddos at Sheldon Park and you are welcome to bring a picnic. No grills please.

If you’re interested in volunteering on our Parade Squad, just let us know and we’ll sign you up.  If you’d like to be IN our parade, the entry forms, rules & details can be found below.

For proper judging and recognition of your entry, please fill out the parade application completely and mail it or deliver to OPACC (1715 Bay Ave #1, Ocean Park, WA 98640), or scan the application and email to opchamber@opwa.com . Please read all materials carefully. Our deadline for parade entry applications is June 15th.

Some important things to remember:

— Parade entries must be family appropriate and the OPACC Executive Board reserves the right to decline an entry application if it doesn’t meet that requirement.

— Each entry that includes a vehicle requires documentation of current insurance (including trailers/motorcycles)

— Any parade participants under the age of 10 need an adult to accompany them

— Candy, confetti and other items MAY NOT BE THROWN from any vehicles, trailers or floats. If you wish to distribute candy, stickers, flyers or other items, you may have someone walking along the route handing them out to attendees.

— The staging area for the parade will be at the Moose Lodge on U Street, beginning on the 4th at 11:00. The parade will begin promptly at 1:00 pm. As in years past, the parade will travel approx. 1 mile total.

— Only vehicles that are IN the parade are allowed in the staging area at the Moose Lodge. All other vehicles can park on U Street or beyond.

— The Executive Board of OPACC has determined that Chamber sponsored events such as the July 4th Parade, the NW Garlic Festival and other such sponsored events DOES NOT ALLOW actively campaigning candidates or political parties.  No 2024 elections and/or political parties running allowed in the parade. Only those currently holding government positions are allowed. 

— The use or discharge of fireworks is not allowed on the parade route or at Sheldon Park.

— No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are allowed by anyone participating as an entry in the parade.

— Please maintain a consistent space of no more than 50 feet behind the group in front of you along the route. Parade directors may ask you to close the gap in order to keep things moving smoothly and in a timely manner.

— Please limit any performances during the parade to less than two minutes in length and be prepared to perform at the grandstand area in front of the Chamber of Commerce Office.

If you have specific questions about our event, please call (360) 665-4448 or email us at opchamber@opwa.com

Please use the Parade Sponsorship button below to use a credit or debit card for you sponsorship payment in any amount. The Ocean Park Area Chamber of Commerce thanks you for your financial support to make this year’s parade the best yet!!

This year we will be hanging promotional banners along the parade route at Sheldon Field. The fee for 4 days of exposure is only $50. 

Need a banner made for our event?  If you opt in to hanging one but need it created, please contact our vendor who is offering huge parade-only event discounts. 
Use code “OP Parade”.

Join the Clowns of Ocean Park (C.O.O.P)!

Are you passionate about performance, laughter, and spreading joy? Do you believe in the power of humor to bring people together and create unforgettable memories? If the answer is a resounding “Yes!”, then the Clowns of Ocean Park want you!

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