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Beach Safety

Driving on the Beach

Our beaches are beautiful, but you must use caution. They are considered highways and the speed limit is 25 MPH. Always be aware of traffic and please don’t drive on the dunes or clam beds.

There are dangerous rip currents and cold water temperatures and you must also be mindful of the tides. Too many cars become swamped and buried but more importantly, every life lost in the water is a tragedy. Be informed and safe.
Follow this LINK to daily tide charts or pick up a free tide book at our office.
Learn to recognize rip currents and how to swim out of them…better still, don’t swim in the ocean off our beaches.

If you see someone needing help in the water – CALL 911 and keep an eye on the person to direct the rescue crew when they arrive.

And remember…do not burn pallets. Metal pieces, nails and screws are left behind.

Follow this LINK to the Pacific County Sheriff’s Department.

This LINK will take you to the Pacific County Emergency Management Facebook page (their website is under construction at this time).and Emergency Management Agency page.

Tsunami Evacuation on the North End
This map shows high ground (LIGHT GREY) in the Ocean Park to Leadbetter areas of the peninsula. Maps for the entire peninsula area available at the above links. For reference, Bay Avenue is the last (bottom of map) red line with arrows pointing east to U and Z Street high ground.