Jeep Long Beach and Saturday Beach Clean up

  • 20 Sep 2019
  • 7:00 PM
  • 22 Sep 2019
  • 3:00 PM

All events or activities are voluntary and you are free to do as many or few as you want. It's the beach and I would like to keep it as stress free and casual as possible
Friday evening some will gather at Bolstad beach entrance 7:00ish to 7:30 pm then drive south down the beach. There will be a bon fire near Beards hollow (depending on tides as to where exactly) stop by and warm yourself and talk Jeep.
Saturday around 8:00 am I'd like JLB attendees to meet at Bolstad beach entrance near the restroom parking area to sign up for the Washington Coast Savers beach clean up to help remove litter and debris off the beach. The rest of the day is yours to explore the area or just relax. Saturday evening some will gather again at Bolstad beach entrance 7:00ish -7:30pm then drive south to the fireside Jeep family meet&greet reunion thingy.

Sunday Show & Shine and awards ceremony starting at 7:30am Held at the Beach Barons field in Ocean park (25815 Peninsula Highway, Ocean Park) then a drivers meeting to discuss route and bathroom stops Then we will roll out up the Peninsula as far we can to access beach then drive north to the closure boundary and I'll set GPS this year to drive south for 20 miles for an unofficial world record. This year we will do a bathroom stop or 2 along the way. We will form up for Jeep spell and then disperse.

I have to put this out here that I'm proud of everyone that attended last year. Everyone behaved perfectly and I've heard no complaints, as I'd expect nothing less from Jeepers    Stating the obvious here but all attendees and their Jeeps are bound by all federal and state laws. All traffic laws are enforced on the beach and vehicles are only allowed to travel on the uppermost hard packed sand not above in the soft dry sand and not below in the water or wet sand where the clam beds are. Be courteous to pedestrians and equestrians! stop or slow down if needed and give them room as not to startle them. Long Beach is as far as I know the longest beach in the US you can still drive on, let's keep it that way. Thank you all and see you at the beach ❤ 

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